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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
12:16 am
well, it's certainly been a while hasn't it.I wonder if anyone I know still updates on here anymore..? for starters I'm in my second year at uni now. my course is harder than ever. Essays. books to read. poems to evaluate. I have an extensive knowledge on Psychoanalysis now it seems. I have read three books in the last fortnight. At least it seems I'm actually making some progress. I have a lovely new boyfriend who makes my face go all funny when i think about him. i like to watch him skanking. I turned down playing sleeping beauty in a pantomime which was disappointing. There was no way in hell I'd be able to fit it around work though. new job, at starbucks. it's pretty good really. 10 mins walk away. decent people etc. my hair is longer. I seem to have put weight on and it've very depressing. i live in a beautiful new house my best friends Joe, Tim and Kat. We eat lots of pasta and recently we have taken to leaving myspace for a while to make/ eat our teas communally whilst watching two episodes of Friends. This pleases me. i have no money. bye.

current mood: groggy

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Monday, November 14th, 2005
1:53 pm
I am having the most awful day today.

Firstly I woke up late in my freezing flat only to discover that I had no clean underwear left. Then I stumbled to the most boring seminar of all time where we dicussed the definition of a 'short story'. I went to do my laundry (second attempt this week) returned to collect it precisley thirty-seven minutes later and realised that the machine was broken.

I also got a text message off Dave asking if I had his passport which reminded me of when we went away together and everything was smooth and wonderful.

AND I have no money, and I have to pay my fees tomorrow. I am so scared.
My flat keeps changing temperature, I hate it. One of my flatmates hates me because I was rude and fucked her off when we went out last night.

Cheer me up please x

current mood: pissed off

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Saturday, November 5th, 2005
12:18 am
I have been reluctant to update my journal as so much has occurred in my life that I didn't think it possible to recall and record it all.

My life has changed considerably; I feel as though uni is really shaping my mind and allowing me to 'grow'. Unfortunately Dave and I broke up, mostly on the basis of our contrasting lives nowadays. He is working pretty much all the time and it just felt as though we were getting further and further apart. It's a shame really, I am still crazy about him but I think it became time for us both to go our seperate ways.

I am pleased to say that I have been reading a lot more new material. I am enjoying my course, particularly the seminars with my new Literature buff (who I refuse to name). I am thinking a lot more about Literature too; the other day I spent about 40 minutes lying on my bed in complete darkness thinking about the poem'To My Coy Mistress'. It still hasn't escaped my mind.

I am relatively happy with my social life- I have been out so much recently, which is primarily the cause for my tragic account balance. I am looking forward to being totally established here. I am aiming to involve myself in as many different activities as possible. I seek a band, an amateur drama group and the motivation to attend yoga classes.

My life feels a little disarrayed at present. Perhaps the break-up with Dave affected me more than I have chosen to believe? However, being single may be more beneficial than I had predicted. I have almost no money which worries me. I have become so reckless, but surely I can only get away with it once?

I have a nose piercing these days.I really like it but just waiting for it to heal. I like to think that it defines my new life here.

H x

current mood: sore

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Friday, September 30th, 2005
12:17 am
I have arrived at University and have been here approximately eleven days.

I have not yet felt particularly emotional or cried, despite this being a frequent trait of my personality.
Upon my arrival in 'Blakewater Traditionnal Halls', I was disappointed at the prospect of sharing a toilet with at least twelve people. However, since the two parties in my halls with the such dynamic and contrasting personalities, I have been reassured that this is the most sociable accomodation. I am happy here. My flatmates are amazing :)

I am a volunteer at Oxfam Vintage which basically means I am responsible for pricing, promoting and displaying 'vintage' clothing and items. Some of the clothes are unwearable but the majority are uniquely goregous.

For those of you who aren't aware of the course I'm studying (as I so frequently changed) is, English Literature And Theatre Studies. Small reoccuring problem though; I am sexually attracted to my Literature lecturer. He slightly resembles Johnny Depp and specialisesin 20th Century Literature, namely Gothic. The first question he asked the seminar group was " How Do You Know I'm Human?" A rather eccentric character. (I would add his name but I fear him vainly typing his name into a search engine and discovering this extract).

Toilet duties
Keep special xx

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Friday, July 29th, 2005
5:47 pm
These are the things I have done in the last month or so:

1. I completed my A levels. Waiting for the results is a nightmare :(
2. I had an eighteenth birthday. I went for a meal with mi'girls, met crazy work friends in town and got generally spoilt rotten by family and sexy boyfriend.
3. Attended the college prom. Felt like a bond girl smoking two cigars, then like a tramp when vomiting in reception of expensive hote.
4. Took a holiday to Kusudasi in Turkey; it was most pleasent and warm (Luckily it was before the bus bombing) Dave was an excellent companion.
5. Ventured to Guilfest to watch the talented 4ftSoldiers support Paul Wellar and Status Quo. Yes, I got to go backstage, but no did not meet anyone famous.

... And since then I have worked full-time at M&S removing old people's dirty trays and wiping grubby tables. At least it means that I'll be able to buy food at University. Tomorrow is Dotty-Anne's (Dave's mummy) birthday. She is having a surprise party and has no idea about it. I am sat with her and desperate not to 'spill the beans' :)

I told you you looked beautiful when you're angry

H x

current mood: content

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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
11:09 am
Long time no see. I have rid of the internet which is why I haven't updated in such a while.

Eventually, I did receive an offer from York St.John College however I confirmed my first choice at UCLAN because the course is a lot better, there's lots going on, the accomodation is lovely and generally more professional. Neesha will be joining me also. Dave and I went to check Preston out on Sunday and I was surprised at just how much is going on there. I bought a gorgeous brown dress for a fiver :)

I have a mere eleven days left at college now which sure is a relief and a little worrying. I have yet to complete my Contextual study for Art but I have started actually making and preparing my Sustained art piece. The nearer I approach my exams, the less I seem to care.

I can't recall what else has happened in the last fortnight. I have spent more money than I can afford and studies less than intended.

First practise on Tuesday night with Foy and Davies. Let the music making begin..

JACK, I will return your keyboard stand and your dad's map for you.

I'm at Beth's house at the moment. Just been helping clearing out her clothes and disussing issues of a sexual nature.

My baby laptop is reserved at Dave's shop and I am happy :)

Tonight I will seeing my dad, having a driving lesson and babysitting Owen and Eve. I really can't be bothered but I require more cd's and a yellow tank top from Per una

me x

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
8:57 pm - If love wasn't here, it wouldn't be invented
Drying my hair is such a bore.

Yesturday, I was delighted to hear from Foy in regards to the new musical creation we hope to acheive. We are intending to have our first practise with Davies some evening next week. I am so excited at the prospect.

Today, I discovered that my fantastic bum chums Peep, Claire and Andyheath will also be attending this year's Leeds festival.

Unbelievable as it may sound, I unintentionally missed first lesson today for no apparent reason other than incorrect alarm settings. It wasn't until I reached college and due to the noise and frantic movement of school children, realised that it was in fact break, and I had missed the majority of the morning. Oh well, only a mere 23 days to go :)

I hope Dave finishes his assignment on sythesisers so that we can take advantage of Orange Wednesdays at the cinema. Hmm Hitch or Robotz?

I started writing some lyrics today for a prospective song called 'If she knew'. Before anyone asks this does not imply that I have recently been deceitful or that I am a lesbian, it is about my Mum. As pathetic as it sounds, today I read an extract from 'Sons and Lovers', by D.H. Lawrence who had an unusually close relationship with his Mother. It caused me to think about my Mum, and how disrespectful I can be towards her and how I will permanently be leaving her in a few months time.

Still I have heard no official rejection or offer from York St.John's and it is starting to make me panic a little. They don't seem to realise that this isn't good for my decision making skills, as I don't have any.

I am considering cancelling my tiscali internet account

Blake xxx

current mood: sleepy

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Friday, April 8th, 2005
1:23 pm
A slight change of plan this week. Yesturday it was Dave's 22nd birthday and during the day, while he was at college, I spent the day studying at Manchester Central Library. My knowledge on Chaucer has greatly expanded.

During the evening, Dave, myself and various other people went to Laser Quest and boy, it was so much fun :) I wasn't very good especially when I started screaming, making it easier for opponents to identify my hiding location, but enjoyable all the same. PS. Dave is a Laser Quest geek.

Afterwards we went to the White Hart for a few drinks, then moved onto Wal for Metal night which was greatly amusing. I recall one of the lyrics being 'You taste like custard'. Original I must say. We edged away semi-soberly to Friar's Court and danced like loonatics. I refused singing 'Don't stop me now' on the Karaoke.

Today I was far too hungover/ tired/ rough to attend college so I stayed in bed with Dave for the morning, and then started some work. I should've gone in but I have stopped caring so much. Sicily made me realise just how much I panic about insignificant things. I hate the way so much pressure is put on society and young people in particular; what we should be doing, how much we should be earning, what we should and shouldn't listen to, eat, wear etc

I am really looking forward to completing my A levels, going on holiday to Egypt and then onto Uni.

I am getting obsessed with Erasure and it's a little concerning

Blake xxx

current mood: numb

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
4:29 pm - It's not the way you lead me by hand into the bedroom
I have taken a new interest in Japanese Tanka.

I have still not heard from York St.Johns College regarding whether or not I have been accepted. Patience is not a quality I own.

Due to having a stupid timetable, I have had some very early mornings in the last few days, which have caused me to be temperamental and easily aggravated. Tomorrow, Art is cancelled so I will spend an extra hour in the comfort of my own bed <3

Yesturday, Mummy and I went shopping in town for my Sugar Daddy. He turns 22 tomorrow and a few of us are going to Laser Quest to celebrate. You see, only officially is he an adult.

On Friday I am taking the day off college, to spend the day at Manchester Library. I thought, as most of my teachers have advised me to rely on sources of research other than the internet, I would take a day out of college to do something productive. You can't quite obtain the knowledge and understanding on the internet as you can in a good-old book.

I have nothing planned for the weekend yet. Avoiding Casis is task one though. I am getting sick of that dirty dump. I intend to complete another of Mr.Murphy's essay titles, so he will smile at me :)


current mood: lazy

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
8:10 pm
I have been back in the UK for 20 hours now and it is as dull as when I left it five days ago.

My holiday has been superb, if a little short. We flew out on Tuesday but annoyingly our second flight from Milan to Palermo was cancelled. We were provided accomodation in a luxurious hotel, but were annoyed for having to wait so long at Milan airport and then delaying our journey until the following day.

We arrived in Sicily at midday on Wednesday. Dave's cousin, Leo collected us from the airport and drove us to Anna's appartment. The Italians drive so ridiculously quickly and carelessly, ignoring traffic lights and the use of their indicators. I felt somewhat nervous crushed between bodies and luggage in the back-seat.

The place itself was pretty and significantly rural. Chickens, cats and dogs wandered round the place as the women appear continually to prepare the vegatables for the next meal.

Upon our arrival we were treated to a gorgeous home-made lasagne. The entire family ate and socialised at the table. Pretty overwhelming not being able to recognise an entire word, as none of them spoke English. I must learn Italian.

Dave and I slept in Salvatore's bedroom, tastefully customised with posters of breasts and seductive eyes. 'Much to live up to', I sighed :(

The day of the wedding was pretty odd. Julie [Dave's sister] and I were invited to be 'made-over' at Anna and Franco's house [bride-groom's parents'] house before the wedding. Despite reluctancy, we agreed and were pasted in dramatic, thick make-up, Italian style. Looking back, I wish I had refused, as Julie and I spent the majority of the day rubbing it off in attempt to tone it down.

I really enjoyed the wedding, particularly when a little girl started shouting for the bride mid-service and then instructed people to be quiet. A six course meal was to follow and some entertaining renditions of such classics as 'YMCA' and 'We will rock you'. Met many many members of Dave's family, who insisted that he was drunk after drinking three glasses of wine and removing his tie. How little they know about witnesses REAL drunkeness at Binge Britain.

We were lucky enough to visit the gorgeous Eriche and Tripanni also. I purchasd some jewellery for my Mum and myself. Proper chuffed.

I can't get over just how relaxed and laid-back the Sicilian lifestyle is compared to Britain. Their generousity is inmeasuarble. I was treated, by Dave's family to a Silver bracelet and asked to choose something from a jewellery shop. I really enjoyed spending time with Dave and his family, I was made to feel so welcome. Molto bene.

Now I'm back in Britain and I have eight weeks until my A levels

Blakeboohooo :(

current mood: aggravated

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
1:10 pm - computer geeks
I am currently sat in Milan, waiting for the next plane to Sicily. I will sing the 'Patient song' to make time go quicker. The flight was pretty standard really. Again, Dave and I were conveniently sat behind a couple who gave off the most repulsive stench. The view coming over Switzerland was amazing, the snow topped mountains and tiny intimate villages.

Well, I am enjoying being here. I'm not fond of the overly-priced designer label shops here but being away with Dave is delightful <3 I think I am really give to enjoy this holiday with Julie, Willo, Hannah and Dave. Anxious to get there now though

An extremely tall Italian boy is stood next to me. I feel like Thumbelina and a little frightened :( I will get Dave to bite his balls off

Blakabella and Davidoff xxx

current mood: high

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Sunday, March 27th, 2005
8:58 pm - Stumbling half dressed into a family Easter meal
My justification for the above title was the hour change. I thought it best not to mention spending the morning in bed with D.

Anyway, how is Easter shaping for you all? Personally I find this season pretty dull, but I suppose this is due to the fact I'm not remotely religious, and am not an obsessive chocolate. I do care for Mars Delights though.

Two days until I fled the country and I am far from prepared. I have yet to exchange my money, buy this bloomin' wedding present (trust me, my assistance is greatly required with the Dbag)and wash my clothes :( I have fewer than I thought. Probably because I had a HUGE clearout last week and chucked the majority of my clothes out. Regrets.

I was lucky enough to see Dave Spikey at the Parr Hall last night. He was very good and I enjoyed it. Apart from the fact there was fat, drunken and horny couple were sat in front of us. They were quite appparently big fans, holding up their camera phones and tittering childishly. I discovered that this excitement got too much for them as they frequently released 'unpleasent gases'.

Wal and Casis last night with Dbag and various friends/ relations. It was an odd night. A good night for reuninions and goodbyes. Dave and I were tearful reflecting on our experiences of the night on our walk home...

The pizza and moustaches in Sicily await me :)

Blakethonapolis xx

current mood: relaxed

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Thursday, March 24th, 2005
10:34 pm - Take me back to you know when x
I have greatly enjoyed the Easter holidays so far. Spending mornings in bed

I was a good daughter on Monday and did some housework for my Mum. We briefly went into town in search for an outfit for the Sicily wedding next Thursday. The task was considerably more challenging that I had initially predicted. Most items were either ridiculously overpriced or when I tried them on, clumsily draped on me. Shopping and I are no longer friends.

Tuesday night was fantastic night out to town with Dave (Gray, Jim etc) to WA1 and then onto Friar's Court. I eventually gathered up the courage to introduce myself to Party's girlfriend who is a diamond. Such a sweetie and has a fringe like me

I had an interview at York St.John's College and I was so impressed with the city's beauty. The college is far bigger than I had assumed, and is located in the shadow of York Minster (which is where I'd be graduated). One of the buildings is the original teaching college which is approximately 150 years old! The interview went pretty sucessfully, as I was informely offered a place, I'm just anxious to receive my official offer..

Last night partyed and kipped at Peep's gathering party. She is indeed an excellent hostess. Delightful to see everyone again (Nicla <3) HollyRowe was also there and I think she found the baby/ pregnancy questions a little tedious. AndyHeath and I have decided that regardless of what her baby is christened, it will always be known to us as 'Wally Rowe'. An excellent choice.

And now I will leave you with some lyrics from an artist who I have a new obsession with. Ladies and gentlemen, D O R Y P R E V I N

loved i two men
equally well
though they were diff'rent
as heaven and hell
one was an artist
one drove a truck
one would make love
the other would fuck

each treated me
the way he knew best
one held me lightly
one bruised my breast
and i responded
on two diff'rent levels
like children reacting
to angels and devils

one was a poet
who sang and read verse
one was a peasant
who drank and who cursed

before you decide
who's cruel and who's kind
let me explain
what i felt
in my heart and my mind
the artist was tender
but suffered from guilt
making him sorry
the following day
and he made me feel guilty
the very same way
in his bed on the following day
the other would take me
and feel no remorse
he'd wake with a smile
in the bed where we lay
and he made me smile
in the very same way
in his bed on the following day

the blow to my soul
by fear and taboos
cut deeper far
than a bodily bruise
and the one who was gentle
hurt me much more
than the one who was rough
and made love on the floor

If you get chance, 'Mystical Kings and Iguanas'. Word.

Adopted-Father-of-'WollyRowe'-to-be, B L A K E x

[Dave, sorry I was moody today xx]

current mood: mellow

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Thursday, March 17th, 2005
5:27 pm - dead fly corpses in my bubble bath
I am slowly and surely losing faith in UCAS and the whole dam Uni application thing. I have been rejected from the Unis I was most interested in, and I am being moreoreless, pleaded by Uclan. York St.John's College have also invited me to an interview next Wednesday. I am considering with-drawing my application and applying through clearing.

Yesturday, we had our Theatre Studies Practical Alevel exam. I think we did as well as we could've done although, the evening performance on Tuesday was better, as our audience actually responded. I recall the examiner being really shiny. He was bald and had a magnificent white comb-over [if such a thing exists]. I was blinded by the stage lights reflecting on his scalp. He didn't show any signs of achknowledging the play or it's comic element. It was exceedingly intimidating (like Mr.Kipling's cakes). Mr.Cullen was really reluctant to share our results today, as we get marked as a group. I have a strong suspicion that I am going to be disappointed.

On Tuesday, after the evening public performance, Dave and I went to Kerrie's fantastic PubARTY. It was a really good night, made me remember just how much I love my friends, particularly during the group singing, 'Man, I feel like a woman' :D

One day left then two whole weeks off. And jetting off to Sicily a week on Tuesday. I hope to get lots of work done next week, and possibly stay at my Dad's for a couple of days with Davidoff :) I love going to my Dad's because all we do is drink and philosophise. Plus Dave and I get to sleep in a double bed xx

current mood: cheerful

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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
10:08 pm
This week saw the end of Aota. Members were kindly informed by email. I would have expected to been more disappointed but in truth the band hasn't functioned very well since around November.

A hectic week as usual. Although, I received my English Literature mark on Tuesday and was delighted to dicover that I got 105/105 causing my C to have risen to an A! Not quite sure how I did that, especially I got 53/105 (D), the first time round. The problem I have now is that the Universities that've rejected me probably would have accepted those grades. So what do I do? Settle for Uclan who require CCC or apply through clearing? I suspect this is a 'wait and see' situation

I have completed my theatre studies portfolio. Finally. I don't predict I'll get a particularly high mark for it, but it's not worth very much. Which reminds me, I must get my script learnt. I hope I don't let myself down this year

Davidoff has just been to visit and cheer me up. He brought me a little burger and a cd I had requested for the A level performance on Tuesday night. I stayed at his house last night and we slept top'n'tail on the sofa! I agreed to go out with Beth to town last night. We went to some awful places, but overall it was an enjoyable night. Dave (decorated in party string and wearing a large drunken smirk) and his friend, Chris kindly agreed to meet us in the dungheap that is Flares.

I have a fringe now and I look even younger. I didn't think it was possible

Blake :)

current mood: tired

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
8:02 pm
Listening to 'Babymine' from 'Dumbo' makes me cry like an infant

I'm homesick already

I will not wish my life away xx

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
3:36 pm
Early mornings really get me down.

Yesturday I waited forty minutes for a bus that is scheduled to come every fifteen minutes. So inevitably I missed the second bus. For those of you who have a license and a car I hate you.

I can't recall anything very interesting happening recently. Although hearing 'undeserving poor' by the Shipping Forecast must not be underestimated. Josh is a studmuffin.

So, yeah, still havent completed my 5000 word Brecht study portfolio. I have learnt my script and I'm pleased to say we have made some progress with the performance, but that's the extent of what I've done

I am going to Sicily in a mere twenty days. Warmth and sunshine, I'm wet. Which reminds me I need some wedding clothes. I will find something super for a wacking budget of £5. I always find the greatest bargains.

I was given my A level Art paper today which is titled 'Concealed and Revealed'. I am thinking about looking at Costume and disguise and the way in which we represent ourselves through what we wear. Grumbles

I saw the pregnant year ten girl today

Blakopolis x

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Sunday, March 6th, 2005
6:31 pm - the life of a pauper
Apologies for my absence on Saturday night; I was suffering greatly from a cold and tonsillitus, and didn't feel quite like 'stage material'. I went to Central Lancashire Uni open day yesturday, and after a 20 mintute coughing fit during a presentation,{despite having just consumed two cups of tea), I came to the conclusion that I really wasn't fit for singing or socialising. I should be fit for the next two gigs which are :

- 22nd March @ The Zanzibar, Liverpool
- 8th April @ WA1, Warrington

Thank you for being so understanding

Mommy and I visited Central Lanc Uni and I was really impressed actually. It is located in the heart of Preston, which admittedly isn't the most fantastic city, but the University itself is great and is huge; the 5th/6th biggest in the UK in fact. The people are excceptionally friendly, there are approx 16,000 students and it is the only Uni that does Visual Culture and English Literature degree.

Today is Mother's day. The day of appreciation for the women who supported, taught, loved and created us. I have worked the majority of the day, although my Boss generously dismissed me half an hour earlier. I realised today that it is exactly four years since my parents seperated. I can't establish whether it has flown by, or dragged. It really wasn't the most appropriate day to announce such a decision but I suppose there is never a 'right time'.

As usual I have lots of tasks to complete this following week. I'm seriously dreading my A level Theatre Performance just because I'm sick of working on the same boring scenes, sick of being manipulated and competed with, sick of the arguments.

Thank you for those who came on Friday. I like to consider it as a small success. Thankyou Mike for agreeing to gig with me, for your patience and for understanding

I have a total of £4 till Thursday

Blake xx

current mood: cranky

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
8:55 pm
Please refrain from judging my singing either tomorrow or Saturday. It seems that I have the symptoms of Tonsilitus. Yes, again. I hope it doesn't get any worse. I have been told to gargle aspirin, and eat these horrid cough sweets. I hope I'm not forced to cancel

Rubbish day in truth. I was knackered despite having ten hours sleep last night because I was lucky enough to have a lie-in, even if it meant not turning up for Art. I was feeling 'creativity awake' I'll say.

Dave and I went to see 'Hide and Seek' last night which is basically a combination of 'What Lies Beneath' and 'Sixth Sense'. At least it killed some time and I got to eat popcorn. I am slowly becoming a big movie fan like Dave

And I've changed my mind again, I'm going to Uni this year. Central Lancashire has the best course for me I've seen, and the Art Foundation qualification isnt needed, I'd probably just waste a year in honesty. I just feel ready to go. It's nothing personal but I'm just bored of this town.

Several gigs scheduled for the next few weeks, which makes a nice change. Mrs. Foy is ace <3

Bath time, I smell

Blake xx

current mood: dirty

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
9:53 pm - I just got bored
~ name: HannaH Blake
~ height: 5'3
~ shoe size: 3
~ hair color: blonde, at the moment
~ siblings: a sister
~ eyes: brown iris, eyelids and lashes
~ college/uni: unfortunately, college
~ hometown: Warrington
~ favorite place:
~ favorite soda: I appreciate Cherry Coke
~ game system: Megadrive. Vintage
~ favorite food: Chinese and my Mum's roast dinners :)
~ favorite book: 'The Way of the World' Congreve
~ favorite pen: Berol black 'handwriting pen'
~ favorite car: 50's baby blue one I walk past every day
~ favorite animal: elephants
~ waterbrand: Don't want that one
~ favorite hobby: eating
~ favorite friends: I luff my biatches
~ bar or club: Both for different reasons
~ favorite vitamins: I can't specify my favourite
~ favorite show: JOOrdan and Peter laid bare
~ favorite news: ITN
~ gold or silver: silver
~ favorite dog: Oscar, my cocker Spaniel
~ favorite cell phone co: Sony Ericsson K700i
~ favorite shirt: possibly the checked one i have
~ ketchup or salsa: ketchup
~ favorite milkshake: Strawberry
~ steak or lobster: steak
~ favorite color: I like red
~ favorite weather: warm sunshine
~ favorite state:

[do?] you
~ have a crush on someone: yes
~ wish you could live somewhere else: yes
~ think about suicide: no
~ believe in online dating: no
~ think others find you attractive: dave does
~ want more piercings: yes
~ like cleaning: I am secretly Monica
~ like roller coasters: muchly
~ write in cursive or print: print
~ last talked to: Elizawoof, I said 'Goodnight'
~ last thought of: tomorrow's gig
~ last showered: yesterday
~ last cut your nails: I bite them :(
~ last did laundry: HA!
~ last hugged a tree: Cant recall ever doing so

for or against
~ long distant relationships: depends.
~ killing people: NO
~ teenage smoking: no
~ driving drunk: no
~ gay/lesbian relationships: :D that'd be telling

have you
~ ever cried over a girl: yes
~ ever been in a fist fight: I have not
~ ever been arrested: No
~ ever had a friend die: Great-nana was my best friend, so yes
~ ever dated a cousin: NO :P
~ ever used a gun: not that I recall
~ ever french kissed: HA!
~ ever kissed a french? nope
~ ever finished a puzzle: yes
~ ever got surgery: yes
~ ever got beat up: no
~ ever hated someone: yes
~ ever made a huge mistake: yes and he knows it
~ ever tried any drugs: pass
~ ever jogged a mile: hardly
~ ever played w/ someone's feelings: not intentionally, but yes
~ shoes do you wear: japanese brown ones
~ are you scared of: lonliness
~ do you sleep in: PJ's
~ did you eat for lunch: pikelets {thin crumpets}
~ is love?: Yes, please share

~ of times I have had my heart broken? twice
~ of hearts I have broken? two
~ of girls I have kissed?: 4?
~ of boys I have kissed?: too many to record
~ of guys/girls you've rejected?: several
~ of drugs you taken: fuck knows
~ of accidents you been in: cant remember
~ of people you lead on?: I don't like these questions
~ of people you broke up with?: 5

do you think you are
~ funny: People laugh at me
~ hot: in the summer
~ friendly: generally, yes
~ loveable: no
~ caring: occasionally
~ girly: I like looking like a girl if that's any consolation
~ boyish: I don't have a penis
~ smart: At certain things
~ pimp: yeah mate
~ angel: I wish
~ gangster: yes
~ god: indeed not

~ five letter word: David
~ comedian: Eddie Izzard
~ candy: fizzy cola bottles
~ cartoon: Moomins
~ cereal: Special K
~ chewing gum: Wild Cherry bubblegum
~ day of week: Sunday
~ least fave day: Monday
~ summer/winter: summer
~ trampolines or swimming pools: swimming pools

person who last
~ slept in your bed: myself
~ saw you cry: Peep
~ made you cry: Beth
~ you went to the movies with: Dave
~ yelled at you: Mother
~ sent you an email: Sean Bradshaw

have you ever
~ said "i love you" and meant it?: yes
~ gone out in public in your pajamas?: many a time in fact
~ kept a secret from everyone?: i have and it drove me insane
~ cried during a movie? Today I cried during Emmerdale
~ planned your week based on the TV Guide?: No
~ been on stage?: Yes, being and actress and in a band provides this for me
~ been to California?: no
~ been to Florida?: Yes. Minnie Mouse <3
~ Hawaii?: no
~ China?: Not yet
~ Canada?: no
~ Europe?: several times
~ what time is it now?: 10.15pm
~ apples or bananas?: apples
~ blue or red?: red is best
~ what are you gonna do after you finish this?: ring dave
~ what was the last meal you ate?: turkey dinosaurs and potato smileys
~ are you bored?: dreadfully
~ last noise you heard?: I can hear Fleetwood mac, telling me to go my own way
~ last smell you sniffed?: lavender bubble bath

~ do you believe in love at first sight?: no
~ do you want children one day & if so, how many?: Do I have to decide now?
~ criminal record?: I do not have a criminal record
~ do you speak any other languages?: Je suis parler petit francais
~ name some of your favorite things in your bedroom?: posters, cd's, keyboard
~ piercings and where?: Belly-button, top of ear
~ worst feeling in the world?: disappointment
~ whom you love:
~ nickname(s): Hanny, Hannybear, Troll [didnt appreciate this]
~ how old do you look?: 12
~ how old do you act?: 13
~ glasses/contacts?: specs
~ braces: had them. Oh yes, private health
~ do you have any pets?: Oscar
~ you get embarrassed: more so recently

I would like to thank my lovechild for entertaining me for 20 mins or so. Sorry I stole it off you <3

current mood: accomplished

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